Friday, February 15, 2008

Leap of Faith Friday #3

Okay, so it’s the third week in our Leap of Faith Friday series. This seemed like such a great idea when we started.

I had big plans to entertain you this week with some sort of humiliating singing adventure – karaoke in some form. I thought it would be good for a round of laughs. But my last few days have been wrecked by a gruesome combination of the flu, bronchitis and insomnia.

I can’t sleep. I can’t sing. And I’ve taken to mainlining Diet Dr Pepper. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of a LEAP of Faith that I could actually pull off this week.

And trust me I’ve had plenty of time to think about it since I’ve been awake since 2.15 am. I got all caught up on my Ryan’s Hope re-runs. Apparently when they moved Mary’s childhood dresser out of the Ryan basement, they discovered the beloved bag of alphabet blocks that they all played with as children. Everyone had to share a memory about the damn blocks.

Ryan’s Hope wrapped up about 5 am and I really just wanted someone to whack me in the head with the freaking bag of blocks. But instead, I was hit with something else. My LEAP for this week: I am going to try to give up caffeine.

Now as recently as yesterday I was very much on record saying I would never give up caffeine. But one more night subjected to watching the Ryan family and my next LEAP of faith might be off a cliff that’s not-at-all metaphorical. So I am going to give it a try and see if it helps.

A good night’s sleep is pretty much all the inspiration I need to quit drinking diet sodas. But as we can see from the disturbing video below, caffeine can develop into a bigger problem. First it’s Diet Dr Pepper, then it’s the caffeine pills. Next thing you know you’re starring in a sleazy stripper movie that busts at the box office and ends your career.

So it’s no caffeine for me. Because like Jessie, I Have to Sing! And the thought of sleep? I'm So Excited! I'm So Excited!


Kimmylyn said...

Do you think that is what did Jesse in when she did Showgirls ? hehehe

I hope you get some rest soon. Insomina makes me a cranky Mommy Monster.

Angie said...

I CANNOT believe you referenced Jessie. Too funny! It was a leap just to clip in Saved By the Bell. No leaping for me today either. Been a hard week. I feel like I leap a bit every day anyway with hubby's serious illness. Good luck with caffeine. I expect a full report each week on your progress. If it fails, you could just do it for Lent anyway - that is only a few more weeks.

TZT said...

Good luck with the caffeine kicking and oh. my. god. was that clip ever hilarious!

Tara R. said...

I haven't watched Ryan's Hope since I was in college... yeah, I know, I'm old. Caffeine... good luck! Huge leap of faith.

Miss said...

Oh WOW. Good luck with this one. I could never give up caffeine!

Maria said...

Don't do it cold turkey! It can cause really bad headaches and ever kidney stones. :|

Rachel said...

I hope your insomnia gets better.
Good luck with the caffeine thing. I send you many good wishes!
Thank you so much for the huge walk down memory lane!
I remember that episode.
:-) Big grins!

BusyDad said...

Looks like we both sputtered out on Leap #3! Mine is vacation pics. But like you, next week’s leap will involve singing. And for the record, I would never give up caffeine for a post. You are killer dedicated to your craft!

Stacey said...

Feel better!

Happy Friday! Blog Hoppin'!
"Margarita Mom"

Amy said...

Oh that Jessie was a piece of work! Good luck with giving up caffeine, you are stronger than I!

Karen MEG said...

You are a brave one... I could not live without at least one cup of java a day. AT LEAST. That is a major leap!

BLoghoppin', and hope you feel better soon!

Sarabeth said...

You could just do what I do and give up caffeine after 3pm. Worked for me.

Blog Hopping--HP

piper of love said...

I don't think it's the caffeine that's keeping you up... I've been addicted to Diet Coke for several years now, an overdose of Tylenol PM is all I need for a good nights sleep.

I'm woefully remiss in taking any sort of leaps this week... I will back date one, as soon as I can figure out what to do through this flu enduced fog/coma.

If I gave up caffeine I would probably do really stupid things, like karaoke, or strip to show that I can look good naked. Who's been watching too much Oprah this week?

Good luck!

Honeybell said...

Good luck to you! Caffeine withdrawl sucks though. It should definitely help with the insomnia though.


Maureen said...

Aw, hope you're feeling better real soon.

Blog Hoppin'

BalancingHops said...

I'm with SaraBeth. I stop caffeine before 6 - maybe I'd get to bed before midnight if I stopped after 3!

Lizzie said...

Have had many bouts with insomnia...usually it's related to where my head is at...couldn't give up my caffeine in the a.m. You are one strong gal and you need your rest.

PS - My Dr. said it's OK to take a Benedryl if needed to knock you out for the night.
I also sleep with a cool air humidifier b/c the white noise is calming...Don't turn on that TV...Pick up a FAT book!

Anonymous said...

I seriously try to limit my caffeine to the morning, and I limit caffeine and sweetened (even artificially) drinks.

As I sip my coffee this morning, I don't think I could give it up. I hope you have success, though. Sleep is divinity!

secret agent mama said...

That last one was from me, Secret Agent Mama!

Getty72 said...

I wish you well with your caffeine kicking!!!

And if that doesn't help you sleep, I know one thing that will...

...and that is listening to me!!!! (although that might give you nightmares too!).

Take care and keep smilin'

luv Graham :)

Ty's Dad said...

Just stopping by on my weekend blog hopping adventure. Cool to find a fellow Austinite (well I'm up in "the rock" now but left a few brain cells at Fado's Friday night.) Cheers.

suchsimplepleasures said...

she is the number one reason why i never liked saved by the bell!! aside from the fact that...i just hated the whole stinking show!!
hope you're feeling better!

Anonymous said...

want to know how the caffeine thing is going......
and the sleep!!!! hopefully your morning fishing yesterday has helped! xo, meredith

Anonymous said...

It's a leap, but you can do it! Keep lots of tea in the house and wean yourself off slowly.
You go girl, getcha some sleep!

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