Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap of faith Friday #5

Here we are. Leap Year Day and the final Leap of Faith Friday. It’s been such a fun campaign so before announcing this week’s LEAP, I thought I’d take a look back at my four previous LEAPS…

#1 -- Launching my new blog Fly Fish Chick

What a fun adventure. The new blog is going gangbusters, although I had no idea how hard it would be to juggle two blogs – along with motherhood and everyday life. But I am undeterred. I’m determined to increase my posting frequency on both blogs, because each are proving to be deeply rewarding in very unique ways.

#2 -- Emailing my college writing professor

Well, I haven’t heard back from her. But it’s no matter because all of your comments were so personal and so thoughtful. I couldn’t ask for anything more. Thank you!

#3 – Eliminating caffeine

Whoa. Who forgot to tell me about this unique brand of hell? I can’t tell you how many times I almost cheated. I can, however, tell you how many times I did cheat: three times. I made it six days without a Diet Coke or Diet Dr Pepper, and it was pretty brutal. A week ago Thursday I had one diet coke at a texmex restaurant. It was either that or 18 margaritas. Then I buckled and had two diet cokes this week to mitigate a vicious migraine.

I probably would have cheated more but I imagined some CFT reader with a hidden camera spying on me at 7-11. Kept me on the straight and narrow.

The good news is that I am SLEEPING again! I really believe the obscene amounts of Diet Dr Pepper were the culprit. So since I’ve started sleeping better, I’ve decided to stick with the no caffeine program.

#4 My first podcast

Goodness. I don’t know what to say about last Friday’s podcast. Your comments were so flattering – I had no idea I had such an interesting voice. Ooh la la. Guess it’s a good thing I used to smoke after all.

(Just kidding. It’s a horrible, vile, filthy habit. Never do it. Blah blah blah.)

This past Tuesday I was ordering donut holes at a Shipley’s counter and the gentlemen next to me interrupted and asked if anyone had ever told me I sounded exactly like Demi Moore. With a straight face I turned to him and replied, “Actually about twenty-two people told me that just the other day.”

Poor guy was a little confused and proceeded to spill his coffee all over the counter.

#5 – This one is up to you...

Here’s the deal. I no longer smoke. I have given up caffeinated soft drinks. Apparently I’m wired like a game of Wack-a-mole, because everytime I beat down once vice, another one pops up in its place.

Lately, it’s eating. Copious amounts of food, namely sweets. I am happy that my lungs are getting a break. And I’m thrilled to be sleeping again. But we are marching the wrong way up the scales, kids.

For heavens sakes, I only made two New Years Resolutions: 1) start drunk dialing friends and 2) get so skinny that friends and family start to worry about me.

How in the world am I going to accomplish this if I’m replacing smokes and cokes with cupcakes and queso? Not to mention complete abandonment of my regular exercise routine.

So my final LEAP OF FAITH is in your hands. Here are some things I am considering to kickstart the weight loss campaign. Which do you think I should do:

A) South Beach Diet
B) Kickboxing lessons
C) Start running on the treadmill instead of just walking
D) Weight training program with trainer
E) Meet with a nutritionist
F) Take up NIA classes again

Thanks for following along with Leap of Faith Friday. Don’t forget to visit The Busy Dad Blog and Bliss in Bloom to see their final leaps. If you did a final LEAP on your blog please shout about it in a comment so we can hop over and cheer for you. Finally, some bloggers have asked if we can keep this campaign going. Hell yeah! Take the picture, make your leaps and keep it alive. More power to you.

Happy Leap Year everybody.


Anonymous said...

Alas, as poster child for Body by Bacardi, I have no fitness tips to offer. The drunk dialing idea appeals to me though. So far I have gotten by with drunken emails/IM/blog comments, but I am looking to branch out. Call me.

April said...

I generally don't do New Years resolutions, but I like your drunk-dialing one!
I say kick-boxing - first, a friend was very successful at losing weight with it (along with healthier eating habits, of course), and second, wouldn't it be fun to know you really could kick someone's a**?

Blog Hoppin',
Balancing Hops

Rachel said...

You crack me up.
Well Running at Zilker or around Town Lake is always gorgeous and fun :-)
I say kickboxing. It's so much fun and you'll stick to something if you enjoy it!
I'm so proud of you for all you've done!! Good job Christine!

Angie said...

Nothing was as effective for me as RUNNING. Seriously, by running and watching what I ate, I dropped 20 pounds in 6 months without even trying that hard. I was only trying to lose 15. It was the running. It changed my WHOLE metabolism. Then I started running only 3 days a week and lifting weights 3 days a week once I got to my ideal weight and it was equally as effective because the RUNNING dropped it off.

I have a leap post coming later today. My kids are both sick right now, so I won't get it out til this evening.


Mrs. Chicken said...

I'm a Weight Watchers convert. Easy to follow. Good food, and plenty of it. Lots of treats. The meetings are cheesy but they help; if that isn't your bag, you can do the online WW yourself.

I lost 15 pounds the healthy way. I had 15 more to go when I got knocked up again in November.

But you can bet your bippy I'll be back at WW after this kid pops out in August.

Good luck!

ps - I've been lurking for awhile. So hi!

BusyDad said...

Hmmm… I wonder which one I’m gonna pick? Seriously, kickboxing is the most fun you’ll ever have. It works all your muscles, cardios the hell out of you and you learn a useful skill. And I wish I knew about your drunk dialing resolution. I don’t get enough of those. I’ll email you my cell number. Thank you for an awesome project! I had so much fun doing it. You are and always will be brilliant in my book!

TZT said...

As a fellow ex-smoker who is trying to finally shed my blasted baby weight, I'm liking the elliptical trainer. It's like running in the sky, so I don't get anywhere near as achy.

Best of luck with whatever you choose!

Getty72 said...

I recommend that you put on your Ipod and Come and join me on the treadmill!!!

Your leaps of faith have been inspiring. You certainly have had a great month. WTG Christine!

Wishing you and your daughter a wonderful weekend!

Loadsaluv, Graham x

Anonymous said...

I say kickboxing... but then again, I'm a little biased. I love martial arts....

but if you honestly want to lose weight and help make yourself healthier leading a healthier life style is the way to go. Get into the habit of training and you'll do it for life.

BTW, when I quit smoking I found that sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and cinnamon bark were the only things that kept me sane. I'd chew on them when I got a ciggy urge. Just a thought.

blog hop hop hoppin'

Sarabeth said...

Weight training

Building muscles burns lots of calories and tones the other parts that aren't so skinny. I tried kick-boxing once and hated it, so I'm biased.

--HP, Blog Hoppers

secret agent mama said...

This was a very cool idea, and I might even continue doing little leaps through the year! My last one, for Leap Day, is up..

Much Love xxxooo

Karen MEG said...

Your leaps were great .... what a great idea, and I've been following closely. I'll have to jump on the bandwagon sometime, when I have the energy to leap LOL!
About the weight loss, that's a tough one, I don't have much advice other than diet and exercise. I think anything that strengthens your core and increases your endurance can only do good, though. I preach but do not subscribe to my own diet recommendations ... I love alchohol and potato chips too much. Sheesh!

Stacey @Real World Mom said...

You eliminated *caffeine*?? Wow! You must be Wonder Woman! LOL!

Happy Friday! Blog Hoppin'!
~"Margarita Mom"

Tara R. said...

Yep... got to go with kickboxing too, and not that wussy Tae-Bo crap, but real martial arts ninja stuff. It is awesome. I've really enjoy everyone's Leaps... great idea, thanks for sharing.

Momo Fali said...

What? I thought Diet Dr. Pepper was caffeine free?! I've been living a lie.

Well, let's see...I've been running every other day for two months straight, didn't change my eating habits and GAINED two pounds. I just started a 1200 calorie diet to kick start some weight loss. I'll let you know if it works. For now, I'd go with kick-boxing.

Autumn said...

I inadvertantly forgot caffeine yesterday. I could not, however, inadvertantly forget the rippling migraine that I got because of forgetting it.

Dependency is fun. Rah.

Anonymous said...

I vote for the South Beach Diet, although I am clearly in the minority. (I hate to run!)

It's a super-healthy way of eating and I never feel like I'm on a diet. It's what I will be using to help me achieve my "Thank God My Divorce is Final" weight loss goal.

(I'm going to Vegas with girlfriends in June to celebrate being free again and am determined to look good!)

Any of your options are great though!

Kimmylyn said...

I could not post when I first read this.. but I vote for Weight training program with trainer. but get a cute trainer.. it makes you work out harder.. Or at least it made me when I was single and could afford a trainer..LOL

Drunk dialing is the BEST. LOVE that.. LOL

PG said...

I say kickboxing too. I think you would have a blast. And Mrs. Chicken is dead on. WW is the way to go. I didn't actually join (meetings or online) but have followed the WW ideal and am down 30 pounds since last Sept. (of course you all know this as everyone who is anyone watches my W8 Loss Wednesday videos!)

Groovy Mom said...

Giving up caffeine is brutal, but sleep is so worth it. You can die without sleep. I love sleep. :-)

I tried to do two blogs. No can do. I just can't. I'll probably try again because I'm a gluten for punishment.

I can't help you with the food thing. I love food. I smoked my first cigarette in 15 years last weekend. I smelled it and tasted it all the next day. I decided it was nasty. I don't want anymore. That is cool!

Judith Shakespeare said...

I went MIA for a bit and missed out on this whole campaign... But I just have to say (hopefully without sounding extremely cheesy and silly), Dude, I'm so proud of you!

You've made some really great leaps that I'm sure will open a few great doors in your life (and close a few not so great ones).

As for the cupcakes... Someone once told me to use applesauce in the recipe to make them less fat-filled but equally yummy. LOL :)

♥♥♥ A- Licious ♥♥♥ said...

i have been reading your leaps and so should have been doing so myself....hum...i might just have to start it up anyway [hehehehe]

kickboxing AND weights...your best bets. ;o) (i used to be a trainer before shnookie doodles) i need to get back there my darn self!


awesome posting - luv it!

in da hizzzzzouse
blog hop n

Natalie said...

Oh those diet drinks, they are evil aren't they? I am addicted and have to really limit my intake. I could easily go through a six pack a day and have.

I vote meet with a trainer, he/she can set you on the right course.

Blog Hoppin',
Fine as Wine

canape said...

But if you are going to get so skinny people worry about you, there will be no more Shipley's in your life and how will I continue to live vicariously through you??