Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sitting On Sushi and Cloud Nine

Thank heavens I didn’t remove my eye makeup when I went to bed at 3 am this morning. With this leftover eye shadow, certainly I am looking better than I feel today. I mean, no need to waste perfectly good eye makeup, right? So with my sultry, smoky eyes I just ventured out for some scrambled eggs and refried beans – or as I’m calling it, a Helping of Hope.

I had a big time last night.

First of all the Women and Their Work party was a roaring success. We had a thick crowd of people with great attitudes and the energy was fabulous. Everyone embraced the performance art, the silent auction caused a row which drove the bidding higher, and despite the fact this was a non-profit event, we had plenty of booze. It was a hell of a party.

For me, the most fun was celebrating with two of my nearest & dearest friends who are on the board of Women and Their Work. These are the birds who got me involved in this event and it was a real treat to collaborate with them on all the party planning. I love our portrait on the sushi stools.

My good friends KK and SalGal of The Midlife Gals were a riotous addition to the scene. They set up camp in this funky niche replete with chain link curtains and a mod white leather mattress. They lured unsuspecting souls into their little padded cell to interview them and overlay their irreverent editorial. It was a hoot. I’m sure we’re all going to regret our on-camera antics when the footage hits you tube.

But of course I’ll share the link with you the moment I have it.

After the party I hopped over to the Saxon Pub because I had my heart set on hearing Seth Walker. You may recall from my report on Springfest, Seth Walker was a highlight of that festival for me. I’ve been spinning his tunes round the clock for the past two weeks and am keen to see him play just as often as I can.

So imagine my delight when I sauntered up to the Saxon Pub in my party clothes and Seth Walker was standing right outside! Oh my heavens, oh my heavens, oh my heavens.

Now we all know I have a long history of going shy when seeing musicians up close & personal. Over the years I’ve had run-ins with Charlie Robison, Cody Canada, Cory Morrow and Jim Lauderdale – just to name a few. But inevitably when given the face-to-face opportunity to speak with them, I totally freeze up. I just panic like a schoolgirl and flee.

But last night I broke my curse. Granted I was flustered and breathless and babbling like a fool, but hey, I had a little exchange with Seth Walker. And I even pulled myself together to ask for a picture.

Hee hee hee.

He was just as down-to-earth and sweet as he could be. I wouldn’t have expected such a smokin’ hot electric bluesman to be so sweet. Mrs. Walker clearly raised a very polite son. Then of course he and his band cranked things up on stage and I was putty for the rest of the night. Hot damn! That boy was pouring on the blues and he was pouring it on thick.

Just between you and me I think he was singing ‘Steady’ right to me.

I know, I know. They say musicians can’t see a thing up there under those lights. But I’m just saying…right to me.

The whole night was such a gas. My feet are killing me from dancing in these evil heels, I’m wearing eye makeup that I first put on about 5.30 pm yesterday, and I have to switch into mommy mode any minute. But I’m on cloud nine. The art party was sparkly and fun. I got to boogie down to some delicious blues tunes. And I chatted with Seth Walker.

Kick that around for awhile.


Midlife Gals said...

So you MUST be hung over to have title'd this post....COULD NINE (?) I was trying to make sense of that until I got to the bottom and saw that it was actually CLOUD nine! I know you were hung over this morning, because, as you can see from my spread-eagled cameraman pose that, I too, was 4 sheets to the wind for most of the evenink!

The Midlife Gals thank you for including us and our tomfoolery. I even posted the same photo on our blog posting (for tomorrow). We had a BLAST!

The Midlife Gals love CJ and Chicken Fried Therapy! AND, Fly Fish Chick!

KK and SalGal

Christine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christine said...

oh my goodness. I had to delete my own comment on my own blog because I couldn't even get that right this morning.

many thanks to my fairy godmother KK for catching my glaring spelling error in the title post!!

a fun time was had by all...cell phones have been buzzing all morning with post-party-recap. big thank you to everyone who came and everyone who worked on the event...

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Had to delete your own comment! AHAHAHA!!! That's TOO funny! And it sounds like you had WAY too much fun last night....Awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

The party so fun and you were a huge reason it turned out so well. You are too humble to mention that you kinda came up with the theme of the party! Also, I loved the midlife Gals! You feel like you have known them for years after 5 seconds of talking to them. I want them at all my parties from now on. They really add that something extra. Also want to thank my dear Table Tennis guys-Rick Mueller and Li feng Liu. They were awsome and a huge addition to the night's festivities.

Kimmylyn said...

You look GREAT!!! Love the pics and your dress is perfection!!

It sounds like a great time.. though I am not jealous of your hang over ..hahahahah

Nadine said...

LOL Hungover posting is usually better than drunk posting! Trust me!

BusyDad said...

I have never hungover posted yet. I so need to try it. Let me re-phrase that. I should try posting on a Sunday morning.

NukeDad said...

A girl after my own heart! Lived in El Paso most of my life, got to Austin not nearly enough. Proudly blasting SRV and Eric Johnson while wearing my Longhorns hat in NC. They hate my hat, I LOVE it.

Nukie Howser
Blog Hoppin

The Healthy Mom said...

I just had to leave you a comment. Usually I am just a "lurker" on your blog. Sounds like you had a great time the other night. I sure miss going out with friends like you do. It has been a while since I was able to afford to do that. I enjoy reading your blog it is very entertaining. Keep in touch!

Cascia @ Healthy Moms

April said...

Hmm, I've blogged while drinking before (of course), but haven't yet tried posting while still hungover. It sounds painful.

It also sounds like you had a really great night.

Blog Hoppin',
Balancing Hops

Jam Master D said...

Sounds like an awesome party and I wish I had been there :-)

Karen MEG said...

What a great post, and a fantastic time!!!!! No wonder you slept with the eyeshadow on LOL!

You girls looked great ... oh so pretty.

And great shot of you and Seth Walker. I'd never heard of him before, that's a great clip too!

Hope you stayed on cloud nine for a little while! Evenings like that are worthy of treasuring as long as you can!

Onknees (not_onknees at the moment) said...

Love those sushi stools, I could use some of those....

GoteeMan said...

conjures up quite an image... and I know the feeling...

Friends should not let friends blog drunk (or hungover)... so next time, find a designated blogger... blog responsibly...


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