Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What's on your Channel?

by Magnolia

So it’s all football, all the time here at my house. I’m not complaining. I love it. There’s nothing else on tv anyway. My beloved 24 hasn’t been on in forever and American Idol doesn’t start until January. That explains why I have watched about 36 days straight of football on television. That does not explain why football is on every night of the week. But, it certainly keeps Sportsfan (and Junior) happy. It does not keep Little E happy. She thinks there’s too much yelling coming from the den.

All this football love makes my last night that much more surprising. One of my favorite movies of all times was on and Sportsfan and I watched it from the very beginning to the very end. That never happens. But it was Coal Miner’s Daughter and if you’re lucky enough to catch it from the start, how can you pull yourself away? Sissy Spacek and Tommy Lee Jones were incredible in this movie and the soundtrack is one of the best.

This brings up an idea that Sportsfan and I have been discussing for years. We want to design our own cable station that plays our favorite movies over and over again on a constant loop. (We’re currently at odds over adding an occasional ”Seinfeld” episode to the mix.) So far, we have the following confirmed:

Animal House
Blues Brothers
Dazed and Confused
Midnight Run
Office Space
Rocky I, II, III
Vacation & Christmas Vacation

Think about it. At any given moment, you could turn to “The Channel” and find one of these gems waiting for you.

So what would you add to “The Channel”? Let me know and we’ll consider it. Then I’ll go talk to Comcast and get this thing done.


Hazel said...

Coal Miner's Daughter is totally on the list. I'm with you, if a good movie is on cable like Urban Cowboy or Out of Africa. Forget about it, I'm happily not moving until it's over.

Chick said...

Why do I get so excited to find a movie I like is on tv when I actually OWN the dvd? still, it's exciting to stumble upon a movie you love when you're flipping through the channels

personally I love college football and Coal Miner's Daughter

Legally Blonde said...

I want to add Trading Places to the loop!

Magnolia said...

Yes, definitely Trading Places. I had another suggestion of Raising Arizona which I personally don't like, but know that it's a cult classic so I might have to make a suggestion. And Fletch? I keep thinking of more...