Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Every Party Has A Pinata" or a Photobooth

Years ago, I was on a first date with a truly adorable man, painting the town with a big group of friends. I found myself making fun of some buffoon in our midst then quickly begging my date's pardon in case he might think me unkind.  That’s when Mr. Adorable assuringly drawled  “Darlin’~  every party’s gotta have a piñata!” 

God love that man, wherever he is now, because I say that line so often  people assume that I coined it.  Truer words were never spoken. There is always a piñata in our midst.   So enough of this “bless their heart” bull~  just call a piñata a piñata.  Moreover, be able to recognize when you are the piñata…I’ve taken my share of hits  and find pleasure in being the first to take a swing at myself!  

There are just too many “you-can’t-make-this-shit-up!” moments that require full disclosure among your nearest and dearest.  Point being- why not be the life of your own party? 

One of my favorite piñata-memoirs took place way back in yester-year.  I was slightly  over-zealous in an aerobics class and did a body plant on the mirror leaving a sweat mark reminiscent of chalk outline at a crime scene.  No shrugging it off and pretending it (kaboom!) didn’t happen….mortification led  to pained volunteer Windexing while my more coordinated foes kept doing the “grapevine” without me.  (Think Molly Shannon as Superstar!)

So if I come back reincarnated as a piñata, I am determined to look like this. Such a cool website!  The photography slays me but I digress…


This brings me to my latest party trick…y’all will LOVE this one.  I hired an old fashioned photo-booth for my rip-roaring x-mas bash.  My motley mix of friends and all the neighbors (read: no noise complaints) mixed into a hilarious cocktail of people and  the fun lasted from 7pm- 3am.  All my guests had a ball and tucked away all their throwback photo keepsakes as a party favor. 

Here’s the good part about the modern-day-old-fashioned-photo-booth….this hostess got a nice CD of the 659 photos taken in the booth. Pull the red curtain~  hello flip-side!!!  Shifty?  Why yes it was….

My traditional present to friends is re-gifting their holiday card photo from the year before as an ornament from (tell Al at HisBiz that I sent ya!).  Who doesn’t love to receive an ornament of their favorite family photo?  How much fun will I have in years to come including a more raucous photo ornament within the same package as their refined family glamour shot? 

What goes around comes around~ batter up!

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