Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Get Into the Groove

Last week, a couple of other female attorneys and I took a group of women clients to the Madonna concert – and oh my, it was quite an experience! We had all come of age in the ‘80s and had welcomed Madonna onto the music scene. We drove together to the show singing Material Girl and couldn’t wait to get to the arena, grab a drink and soak up the energy.
Well, we waited and waited and waited, and almost two hours after the time printed on my ticket for the show to start (and having been entertained thus far by a lone DJ), the lights went down, the music started thumping, dancers started dancing and we all perked up and spent the next two hours on a wild ride.
None of us had kept up with many of Madonna’s newer songs and were all hoping for a trip down memory lane and she did not disappoint. Madonna is an incredible entertainer and even the new songs were fun. I ran to the restroom during one I didn’t recognize and rushed back to my seat just in time for Get into the Groove. Through the night she managed to mix in a rocked out version of Borderline, Vogue, a powerful performance of Like a Prayer, La Isla Bonita, Express Yourself, and the most beautiful version of You Must Love Me from Evita.

Of course Madonna is in the headlines now for her divorce from Guy and her escapades with Alex Rodriguez. Well, the woman is a machine – she did not stop moving around for two hours. At one point, she jumped rope double-dutch style while singing and doing squats. Her body is incredibly sculpted with not one ounce of fat to be seen, but quite honestly it's also a little scary. You can see lots of veins in with the muscle and I wouldn’t be giving the full description if I didn’t report that when she lifted her arm up over her head, we were all aghast at the big vein pulsing right through the middle of her arm pit. While it’s sad things didn’t work out with Guy, I think quite frankly, she just needs someone more athletic who can appreciate her muscles and veins and can keep up with her jumping rope. Good luck A-Rod.
After two hours we had had a great time and Madonna left the stage, but the music to Holiday started playing and everyone was screaming and jumping up and down and we had just started singing along when the lights came up and the DJ was back! We stayed and danced to the whole song anyway.

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Shifty said...

True confession: can't respond because I am insanely jealous and have completely missed the tour. Killing me, LB. You rock. I have a feeling I am not alone. TOTALLY missed the most iconic concert tour. Great post.