Monday, December 29, 2008

What's in a name?

by Magnolia

I am starting to think that Sportsfan is trying to be the star of CFT. He just keeps handing me material that is too hard to ignore. By the way, everyone should know that he does not approve of his name. You see, he doesn’t follow…soccer. Oh, okay. Well in that case we’ll call him Sportsfan, except not soccer.

So Sportsfan calls me a few weeks ago just delighted with himself. He has purchased the rights to the website He’s even got someone who will design the website for him. For those of you who don’t know, Gene Chizik is the new football coach at Auburn University. The whole website campaign started back when Ron Zook was hired and subsequently fired from Florida. The guy that owned made a killing in the process. So the same will be true for us, right?

I am starting to believe Sportsfan. Wow, this could be really cool. SEC football coaches come and go all the time in large part due to the fickle fans and the competitive schedules. Gene Chizik could be out of here in no time flat and Sportsfan and I could provide the catalyst for all those rabid fans!

I tell this story to a friend at the famous Christmas Party that Sportsfan missed a couple of weeks ago. I brag about how brilliant the whole plan was and I might have even given myself a little credit for the idea. My friend laughed and said, “How funny would that be if Sportsfan spelled his name wrong!”

Then it hit me. Sportsfan cannot spell. At all. Of course that was why it was still available. I came home that night and my first words were, “You spelled it wrong, didn’t you?” And I think we all know what the answer was.

Website for sale!

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