Monday, December 20, 2010

I Don't Do Bows

[By Legally Blonde] You remember the old Windex commercial - the one where the housecleaner states very proudly "But I don't do windows!" Well I don't do bows. Over the years, this has become my birthday and holiday signature. I probably don't even need to put a To/From sticker on the package because when presents are opened everyone knows the one without the bow is from me. Don't get me wrong - I love beautiful packages and appreciate the loving care that goes into each and every bow on packages I may receive - but you'll never find one on a gift that I wrap.

I rationalize my non-bow presents by thinking that bows usually get mushed or cause the gift opener delay in opening their package. But I'm not anti-bow - I simply have a bow-making complex. My mom makes the most gorgeous bows. These aren't stick on bows or curling ribbon bows or the ones where you pull both ends of the ribbon and a bow pops out. Her bows are full and round with multiple loops and drape beautifully over each package. The ribbon may wrap straight across the box or diagonally on the corners, but it always meets up with a huge bow.

I used to watch her make bows and she would try to teach me, but I could never make a good bow. They just never came out looking pretty - it looked more like a bow that would have been on top of Charlie Brown's sad little Christmas tree before it gets all fixed up. I try every now and again, but my presents always end up without a bow. And I'm OK with that, as long as the presents from my mom have great big, gorgeous bows on top!


ArlingtonGreg said...

My wife LOVES bows on her packages. One of my tricks is to reuse a well tied bow from a previous year. I carefully remove the bow and store it with all the Christmas paper and ribbon -- instant bow for next year! Just in case you want to throw people for a loop (pun intended)....

Legally Blonde said...

Thanks for the tip!