Thursday, March 8, 2012

Let’s Hold Off on the Lithium

gold masks [by Chick] It’s been a great ride here at Chicken Fried Therapy but I think it’s time to let the curtain fall on this blog – at least for the time being. (What can I say, I’m like life after New Coke or Michael Jordan’s baseball career – always leaving the door cracked for a comeback.)

But those of you who have followed along for awhile know that I have another blog called FLY FISH CHICK and to be honest, it’s just been too difficult to maintain both.

For awhile I thought I could keep it all going by turning CFT into a group blog and I invited some girlfriends to co-author posts. That was a trip! They did great and it brought a new energy to the site. But understandably work, chickens, teenagers, and new babies took center stage and content dwindled.

I’ve often said between CFT and FLY FISH CHICK I have “my girl blog and my boy blog.” It’s become a crazymaker to juggle both and frankly I am feeling somewhat schizophrenic. I’m looking for one spot to share my stories and let it all hang out. So put the lithium away, I think one site is the panacea for my BBD (Blogging Bipolar Disorder.)

Besides, plenty of men have read CFT for years and gobs of women truly enjoy FLY FISH CHICK – some fish, some don’t! I do post about flyfishing over there, but I also post about food, music, style, travel, parenting – you name it. And since I am pulling it all under one roof, there will be more and more *me* stories mixed in with the fishing tales.

The categories are even separated out if you want to view the Fly Fish Stories and the Chick Stories separately.

So…I would like to invite each and everyone one of you to come on over to FLY FISH CHICK and enjoy all the same self-deprecating hilarity over there that you’ve enjoyed over here. Feel free to jump right in with comments, subscribe via RSS or email, pull up a chair, make yourself at home.


FLY FISH CHICK Facebook page – Try it. You’ll LIKE it.

FLY FISH CHICK on Twitter – 3,168 followers can’t all be bored.

Many Thanks to each and everyone one of you who’ve read CFT, commented, subscribed, shared and cheered. Much love to you all…and I will see you over at FLY FISH CHICK!

XXOO ~Christine

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