Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Veterinary Trophies

Last week, I came home to discover my pup was tremendously ill and we had to make a dash for the 24 Hour Veterinary Clinic!  Good news is that our mutt is made of some seriously hardy stock so she’s just fine but that’s not to say the moments in the waiting room weren’t tremendously tense.  Thus begins my tale of the Veterinary Trophy Room:

 What could have been a painful hour waiting for an uncertain outcome, fortunately for us, dissolved into tears of laughter!  Perhaps to regale and assure worried pet owners, the staff of this particular clinic have lovingly procured and tenderly curated a shadowbox display chocked full of foreign objets removed from animal innards. 

Completing our experience was the reception staff who could tell you the name of the animal from whence each item came~ imagine Night Shift with Harry Winkler working in the morgue meets Beavis and Butthead of MTV fame (huh huh).  

 “Oh yeah it was Cosmo that ate that there Polly Pocket doll.”  (Why did I not take pictures?!)  Can you imagine the chewed up quasi-digested doll, removed, rinsed then resurrected for permanent display-- hair mangled but sunny disposition and perfect make-up still intact!?

 Then came the blasted giant fishing lures ole Buddy happened to wolf down~  gettin’ those out was a down right doosey per B&B.  The 14 oz. can of vegetables that got stuck in the Pit Bull’s jaws, several swallowed pet toys etc.  To cap it all off was a large collection of smooth golf ball sized rocks~ they were none other than canine bladder stones.  Did the pet owners formally waive their rights to these items?

 I swear~ there is a collector for just about everything out there.  One man’s (or pet’s) trash is another man’s treasure, indeed.  So, what’s the weirdest collection you have ever heard of?  Can you provide photo evidence? 


Hazel said...

Thats so bizarre! I love all things Kooky. Not to mention it was a great distraction from your worries. Glad puppy is going to be okay

Magnolia said...

When I was little, I saved all of my teeth that I lost. I didn't want the tooth fairy to have them. I'm sure I could find them buried at my parent's house somewhere!

Chick said...

my dad's dog once ate $500 cash

Legally Blonde said...

At the Habitat office they have a framed piece of lint that came out of someone's dryer - it's humongous. They use it in the repairs class to warn homeowners about what will happen if they don't clean out the dryer vent!

Shifty said...

We had a cat-hoarder in the neighborhood and her direct neighbors had to call the authorities!