Monday, February 2, 2009

Leave it to Eddie

by Magnolia

Does anyone know if Eddie Haskell’s parents were on Leave it to Beaver? Were they aware that Eddie was a weasel? I’m wondering if they are just like Sportsfan and me because we appear to have the 7 year old female version of Eddie as our own daughter.

Now Little E is only 7 so she is not quite up to speed with Eddie’s conniving ways. But, she does share some of his characteristics. This is how Wikipedia describes the character of Eddie Haskell:

Typically, Eddie would greet his friends' parents with overdone, good manners and often a compliment such as, "That's a lovely dress you're wearing, Mrs. Cleaver." One check for Little E.

Wikipedia continues,
However, when no parents were around, Eddie was always up to no good—either conniving with his friends, or picking on Wally's younger brother Beaver. Not there yet.

Now I’m fairly certain that Little E is a complete angel most of the time and there’s not a mean bone in her body, but she does have a tendency to lay it on thick. She LOVES talking to parents which I must admit comes in handy at Girl Scout cookie time. She just goes through the school directory and calls all the moms she knows. Low maintenance cookie sales for me! In fact, when she calls a friend for a playdate, she asks to speak to the friend’s mother instead of her friend. Maybe she thinks her friends don’t have the skills necessary to talk plans.

Where Little E is going to get into trouble with her Eddie routine is with Junior. If her brother is in the slightest bit of trouble with us, she starts tuning up with what wonderful parents she thinks she has. The other day as Junior was getting a lecture of some sort, she actually interrupted me for a hug to say that she couldn’t believe I was her mother. She was just so lucky.

On our recent ski trip,Junior was a little bummed about having to go to ski school for another day. Little E almost sang about how wonderful ski school was and she wished she could do it forever. Ack! What are we going to do? I have to believe that she doesn’t realize what she’s doing. Junior sure does though.

So if we get into junior high and high school and this persona escalates, we are going to have a big problem. And if you or your children happen to be around, please let Mr. & Mrs. Haskell know what their daughter is up to.


jami said...

The best news is that Junior is older than E and a smart cookie (ha ha) to boot.. I promise he will keep her in her place.It won't hurt that you and Sportsfan can double-team her either.

My A has had one of those come over here quite a bit since third grade. It's all I can do not to call him Eddie. Eventually, E will realize, as he did, that the character is played and she should move on.


your loving brother said...

She is learning from her mother obviously. Hang in there Junior!!!