Thursday, February 26, 2009

What happens in Mexico - Part 1

by Magnolia

Sportsfan and I just returned from a fabulous long weekend in Cabo San Lucas. This was only our second visit to Mexico, but I think it’s safe for me to say that the Mexicans just do things differently than we do. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t like it…it’s just different. The element of danger and recklessness often appeals to me.

Two years ago when we were in Mexico, Sportsfan and I went to get massages. Sportsfan had never gotten one before so he was asking me all kinds of questions about it. “How long”, “what do I tip her”, “are you sure it’s going to be a she” and most importantly, “do I leave my underwear on?” I answered his questions and explained to him that I usually take my underwear off, but since he was a first-timer, he might be more comfortable with them on.

So we’re off to the spa a little early, expecting to fill out some paperwork. Not the case in Mexico. All they need to know is your room number. They are not concerned with any heart condition, skin allergy or asthma you might have. Nevertheless, the massage was fabulous and I couldn’t wait to hear about Sportsfan’s experience. When he emerged all sleepy eyed from the room, I could tell that he thoroughly enjoyed it. I asked what he decided to do about his underwear. It turns out that he did in fact leave his underwear on, but his masseuse was not going to have any of that. She yanked his boxers right off of him! Lord only knows what he thought was coming next!

Stay tuned for more Mexican adventures. Sportsfan and I went deep sea fishing on our last trip and let’s just say we are happy to have caught some beautiful fish, but we are very lucky to be alive and well in Tennessee.


Tina said...

Nice blog:)

xoxo~ Meg said...

Great story! Great Blog btw!Being a Cabo addict, I just had to swing by and read your post!

Have a fab day!

ender said...

bloghopping and just hav eto say - i'd have just about died if the masseuse yanked my boxers! wow!