Monday, August 24, 2009

Missed Me Missed Me, Now You Gotta Kiss Me

By Chick

It has been ages since I have posted anything here on Chicken Fried Therapy. And yet, despite my long, lingering absences…I just can’t seem to stay away. Perhaps you will be drawn back into the fold as well? Even if you simply cruise by like a rubber-necker checking on an ambulance while secretly looking for some carnage on the side of the road, I hope you’ll stick around and see what happens in here.

A quick refresh on the history of this blog…

I launched CFT in November 2007. I fell in love with blogging – and my readers – right out of the gate. But it wasn’t long before I was lured away to start another blog…about fishing. And it’s been an incredible ride! I have a whole different audience over on FLY FISH CHICK. Mainly men, who fish. Let’s face it, I’m not the first chick who's ditched the girls to go hang out with the boys. What are you gonna do? Besides, the good sister-friends always come back around.

And I did come back! Last November in fact. I was stretched so thin with FLY FISH CHICK and being Mommy to Little Chick. But I had the lightbulb idea to make CFT a team blog, introducing some dishy girlfriends called The Drumsticks to be my co-writers.

They stormed out of the gate on CFT more like spicy hot wings than comfort-fare drumsticks! But their blog boss (yours truly) couldn’t seen to manage her time and contribute over here. Collectively, we lost steam.

Time to shut CFT down? One might argue that obvious point given we’re a group of moms who have to put “GO TO THE RESTROOM” on a to do list or it won’t get done.

And yet…

I can’t seem to let it go. Just can’t do it. I am nostalgic since this was my first site. Not to mention, the boys -- as much as I love them -- kinda smell like fish over on my other blog. I am craving some pretty-pretty, some artsy-tartsie, and some girlie-girl chitter chat to compliment the daily testosterone fish talk. Pinks and blues. A girl blog and a boy blog. Who says we can’t have it all?

So here we are, Round III with CFT. I am going to post as best I can. Magnolia will continue as a regular Drumstick writer. The other girls will write stories periodically. We’re moms. We’re workers. We’re Circus Jugglers. We’ll see how this goes.

Besides, I have lots to share. I have a sweetheart in Alabama which has exposed me to all sorts of new food and art and hotspots on the Gulf Coast; Little Chick is on the brink of reaching double digits; I am training for an endurance race; I picked up tennis...aaaand I have temporarily set it back down; and in a most exciting burst of inspiration/insanity, I have just ordered a Bellydancing DVD.

Oh that’s right, you heard me. Bellydancing. Good stuff is coming on CFT. I know you’re mad I’ve been away so long, but you’re just going to have to get over it Darlin’. Admit it. You know you’ve missed me. So let’s just kiss and makeup and start dishing.


Brad said...

Good post! Welcome back! Some of us are in desperate need of some therapy.

Stacy Stanfield said...

Ahhh, glad to see your fly fish chick photo...I kept seeing it on twitter and thinking I was following the wrong fish aging eyes, the smallish photo and the shocking blond mane confounded me!
Welcome back, I'll read CFT any time!