Thursday, September 3, 2009

Inspire Me, Inspire Me Not

By Magnolia

Just like Chick, it has been ages since I last posted. And I’m sorry about that because I truly enjoyed CFT and all of our readers. But, I just lost the inspiration somewhere in the shuffle of life. How does that happen? Where did the bee in my bonnet go? Well, the inspiration is back so get ready.

Now before you go calling me a procrastinator, let me explain the difference. I get the things done that need to be done on a timely basis (although Sportsfan might disagree), but sometimes I just have these gusts of ideas and they blow away almost as quickly as they came. I'm sure you can relate.

Take this weekend. I have known for months that I would be HOME ALONE!!! That means no Sportsfan, no Junior and no Little E. This would be a first. So I made a to do list. It looked a little like this:

1. Paint the bathroom.
2. Organize and clean out the game cabinet in the den.
3. Clean out the kids closets.
4. Actually print and place photos in an album that have been piling up since 2002.

Weeks go by with this massive to do list in my head and I start to lose steam. Was I overly ambitious? Perhaps. Am I a procrastinator? Maybe, but technically there is no deadline to accomplish these tasks.

Now before I go and scare all of the people that elected me to be the PTO President next year, let me defend myself. I can pretend to be Type A at any given moment. I just choose to spend most of my time as a Type B. It’s much more fun.

So here’s my updated to do list for this weekend:

1. Go on a hike with Dolly (our puppy).
2. Take a tennis lesson.
3. Play tennis with dear friends who I haven’t seen in too long.
4. Get a pedicure.
5. Have a girl’s night.
6. Maybe clean out one closet.

I’ll let you all know how the weekend turns out. I couldn’t be more excited. And for all those wondering…Yes, Sportsfan is attending the Georgia opener in Stillwater, Oklahoma. We don't call him Sportsfan for nothin'.

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