Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Flour Power

By Chick~ This week is Little Chick's 10th birthday so we are consumed with buttercream dreams and the power of fondant and flour.

You see, we love cakes, we love cupcakes, we love decorating cakes, and we love love love to watch TV shows about cake decorating. So it was a special mother-daughter trip to Sugar Mama's Bakeshop this afternoon where Little Chick had her official consultation about her 10th birthday cake. Oh yes, we take this sort of thing very seriously.

Dutifully we tune into cake decorating shows like Amazing Wedding Cakes and The Cake Boss, so we are not your uninformed, off-the-street customer. Oh no, Little Chick had researched cake images online and arrived with a printed Creative Strategy in-hand.

Sugar Mama's Bakeshop is in our neighborhood and we have been loyal fans since they opened about a year ago. Their cupcakes are dense and moist and bursting with flavor and personality. Not to mention the bakery is hipster cozy and retro.

Once we had everything ordered, we indulged in a cupcake treat for our efforts. We taste-tested the Hemingway, which has a touch of key lime and graham cracker topping. Plus we tried the vegan Cookies & Cream which was divine. I don't even really know what vegan is, but I know it's something I usually avoid. That said, I feel so much healthier knowing I ate (and loved!) a vegan cupcake.

Oh my gosh, I'm a vegan. Cool.

Thank you Sugar Mama's! Can't wait to see what yall design. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY Little Chick. Here's to another decade of sweet celebrations. Is it just coincidence or does decade sound an awful lot like decadent?

Either way, sounds sweet.


Legally Blonde said...

Happy Birthday Little Chick. This Auntie Drumstick loves you and is so proud of you. Attawayto turn ten!

Autumn said...

Adorable! And sweet...literally and figuratively!