Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This Jail Hair Has Got to Go!

[by Chick]

DSC_0087 I had a lovely afternoon last Sunday with Little Chick and The Professor, aka My New Fiancé. (Could you die? Lovin’ the ring of that…)

We took a stroll down South Congress which inevitably means Little Chick will lure us into the novelty shop Monkey See Monkey Do. I don’t know why we resist because we always end up having a blast in there.

Since we are in the throws of wedding planning and wedding budgets and literally basking in the glow and excitement of fresh beginnings, these highly practical piggy-banks caught my eye toute de suite!



This Jail Hair Has Got to Go! I belly-laughed so hard I had to apologize to everyone around me in the store. But not before I got out my camera and started taking pictures like a tourist.



Save me some time on google will you, and just go ahead and answer this question: Is it appropriate to pass these little piggy banks up and down the pew at the ceremony to collect offerings from our guests?

The good news is that our neighborhood novelty shop isn’t short-sided. After the wedding there is co-parenting to think about and luckily they have some items to help in this department as well.




And finally, this is my all time fav…hello new facebook avatar.


It was a good day in old South Austin.


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