Thursday, September 30, 2010

Game Changer

Psssssst......(remember that one?!) Well it still exsisits. Back in the day it smelled awful and didn't work. About a year ago my sister told me Bumble and Bumble made a fabulous new dry hairspray that matched your hair color! She warned, however, that we bleached blonds have to use the old-lady "white" version because their "blonde" was too dark (and natural looking) for our sunny-hair taste. I also like the Rene Furterer version- no colors involved. Seriously, I have turned into my mother as a result of this stuff!!! She is of the era where she gets her hair "done" and it lasts all week. I swear, I am down to washing my hair only three times a week now (I do bathe, I promise). My hair has never looked better and the spray gives it a lot of body too. So run, don't walk, and get yourself 2 cans- one for home the other for travel. Care to see my source for other beauty tips? Visit ~ she's your go-to-girl who will give you the skinny on any and all things beauty related-- check out her videos on youtube!

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