Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Peaceful Easy Feeling

The Eagles played in Piedmont Park on Friday night and my family enjoyed a fabulous night
under the stars. It was absolutely beautiful weather – about 75 degrees when we arrived, cooling down to upper 50s by the end of the show. We staked out a good spot on a hill overlooking the stage. Walkoff, Lash and I played tic tac toe and hangman to pass the time before the show started. The beer was cold, and we ate a satisfying dinner of corn dogs and BBQ sandwiches. I taught Walkoff how the port-o-let line of mostly men will always be the shortest.

About 8:00, the night was dark and the Eagles took the stage. They started with Hold On from their new album, and the rest of the show played like a greatest hits CD. They’ve definitely still got it. What a great experience to look out at the Atlanta skyline and sing along to all the songs Skip and I have loved for years and the boys now appreciate. It was a wonderful family outing.

Two of us stayed awake through the whole two-hour show. And two of us succumbed to the Eagles lullaby and drifted off into a peaceful slumber under the stars on a cool crisp Atlanta night.

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