Monday, October 18, 2010

Goop! There it is.


I am decidedly and emphatically not phased by movie stars, performers, celebrities or local-ebrities. Which is not to say that I am above staying current on the gossip. (I read every word about Lindsey Lohan in this months Vanity Fair!) I just have never aspired for autographs, photos or brushes with greatness~ maybe I think I’m “too cool”. Whatever the reason, I am not smitten with stardom.

So imagine my mortification that I am so completely taken by Gwyneth Paltrow’s blog GOOP which I am guessing stands for “Gwyneth-scoop”. I have dropped her name and talked about her blog so often I sound like a star-obsessed loser! Now I default to referring to her as “My friend Gwyneth…” implying that she is just some girl that I happened to know while giving her credit for the ideas I have stolen from her.

With hands raised to heaven, I am succumbing to proselytizing a Hollywood great with a personal testimonial, so help me readers! Today I am shucking away my cool reserve to wax on about “my-friend-Gwyn’s” fabulous blog and recommending it all to you.

Her recipe for Thanksgiving turkey is delicious, the songs her DJ friends recommend make for a great party play list, her travel tips are dead on and I loved the books she recommended. I could go on and on~ just read for yourself.

Darn it, she can do it all! I don't care how much help she has to have to accomplish it all...bottom line it gets done and loves her life. She’s like the woman on the Enjoli ads YouTube - VINTAGE 1980 80'S ENJOLI PERFUME COMMERCIAL "CAUSE I'M A WOMAN" ~ she can “bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan” and her husband probably “never forgets he’s a man”.

So WHY is she sharing her “it-girl” tips with the universe? My guess is that she is aiming to be the new Oprah but with a Martha Stewart twist….time will tell. I hope I’m right!


Legally Blonde said...

Thanks for the lead Olive! I love blogs with discrete entries I can read while on hold or in between meetings!

Chick said...

love it. have heard about GOOP but never checked it out until now. just read her post about jamie oliver. I have already downloaded his APP and signed the Food Revolution Petition on his website!!

Chick said...

I would like to add that Jamie Oliver's food app is officially the only $8 app I have ever purchased. Better bring it Gwen. But I went for it b/c I am very into cooking and healty food these days -- being in the midst of Bridal Boot Camp and all...

(I get more apps about healthy cooking than I actually cook...but we're getting there. baby steps)