Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Well-Timed Hanky

Admit it. When you saw the word Hanky you immediately thought of Panky~ the revolutionary underpinning celebrated at checkout counters in a candy dish display of rainbow colors. That's not the hanky I am talking about. I've decided that it is time to rekindle the art form and style of the good old fashioned handkerchief. If I play my cards right, then maybe those indispensible little undergarment displays will get shelved in lieu of a fresh array of contemporary handkerchiefs.

Hankies are hard to find so I have started a stockpile for gifts and a personal collection. Several of my friends have suffered the loss of a parent and my signature move of the last few years is immediate delivery of a fresh hanky, embellished with a timely tube of waterproof mascara.

No wringing your hands to find the right words. No worrying if it's a good time to call and forget flowers and food~ just show up with (or FedEx) what they actually NEED. Those of us under 60 are not likely to even own a hanky and no one can have too many. Thus you will be optimizing their funeral-style (afterall, all eyes will be on them) with a touch of grace and impenetrable lashes.

It's the little things that help people "pull it together" during those tough times. No matter how sad or under pressure you are, looking good will make you feel a bit better. Moreover, your well timed, thoughtful token will serve as a reminder for years to come that you are a show-up kind of pal when the going gets tough.

Isn't it a little gross in this environmentally conscious, compulsively hand sanitizing era that we still use scads of mealy paper tissues? Of course I still use tissues, but weddings and funerals are occasions where we could all stand to revive our inner "lady" by by dabbing our eyes and noses with a lovely handkerchief.

My sisters gave me a stack of vintage handkerchiefs as a wedding gift and I adore them! I'm starting a collection and attempting to form the habit of having one in my purse at all times.

Gentlemen, this applies to you too. There's nothing more gallant than the offer of a clean handkerchief at just the right moment.

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Legally Blonde said...

Thanks for the great idea Olive. I plan on inquiring as to where my Grandmother's beautiful hankies are being stored and give them new life!