Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Baked Kale Chips

It is widely held that Mom's example is the one her brood will follow with regard to healthy habits. This is the only reason the writers at Smitten Kitchen were able to convince me to try this Baked Kale recipe from their blog. The only other time kale entered my home was during my very brief juicing phase- but cook it? Never.

I was astounded by how appealing kale chips are to adults and kids alike. Crunchy, tissue thin wafers with very to little dark green kale flavor!

Kale chips keep well in an air-tight container and can be crumbled into (aka snuck into) tomato sauce and soup. Best part is the joy I get out of succeeding in feeding those I love one of the less popular "super-foods"~ is it bad that I get such a Mom-ego boost out of this? Best victory I have had since baking Jessica Seinfeld's spinach brownies....a whole other story.

I tried the kale ships sold in stores. They are chewy and nasty in comparison to the super-crispy home baked ones. Be warned, however, they have a way of getting stuck in your teeth (we find pretty entertaining at our house!) ~ a small price to pay for all those healthy benefits! Thank you Smitten Kitchen for sharing this recipe and for your convincing writing. A votre sante!

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