Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Wish I Were a Little Bar of Soap

[By Legally Blonde] Sometimes it really is the little things that make us feel good. Walkoff plays baseball and football. His white pants get covered with red Georgia clay, grass stains and mud. Last year I would throw his pants in the wash with double active detergent and they would get a little clean, but never white, and you could always see the big stains. But somehow all his teammates' pants would be spot white for the next game. I was convinced that they were spending their entire days soaking and washing pants while I was toiling away at the office. Either that or they were buying new pants for every game. Quite honestly, it made me feel like an inadequate mom. Of course Walkoff didn't care, but I did.
Then during summer baseball, I learned the dirty little secret - Fels Neptha. It is a MIRACLE soap. It must be what our ancestors used to clean clothes on wash boards. Rubbing it into clothes with warm water and soaking for even two minutes will tackle the toughest of stains. The labor is therapeutic and the results make me feel more than adequate - fabulous is more like it! So I highly recommend Fels-Neptha - a little bar of soap that's good for clothes and even better for you. Check out the before and after to see for yourself, then run and buy some.

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Olive said...

You are domestic goddess!