Monday, November 22, 2010

Crafty Candy House

My young one and I love to make candy houses each December. Generally we get a slew of gingerbread house kits and create a crazy little village. But this year we are going to a new level~ we bought the Creativity Kids recycled cardboard Dollhouse and are in the throws of creating the best candy house ever!

If this type of project is up your alley, here's our personal how-to:
1) Buy the house. Construct the house. Re-enforce with hot glue.
2) Buy candy decorations. Buy the icing that comes in the cheez-whiz style can for simple gluing. Buy losts of white but other colors too
3) In parts, combine the icing and candy to create your candy house collage!

I will update soon with photos of our progress! I shared this with you now in case you have Thanksgiving visitors and you need a group project/activity for all ages to take part in.

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