Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Thanksgiving Letter

[by Magnolia]

I just sent out my Thanksgiving evite to my family. Each year, Sportsfan and I host at our house and truly enjoy doing it. Before you go and think I'm some sort of Martha Stewart, I do ask everyone to bring something to share. I never want to seem too bossy or controlling by doing this, so my solicitation for food is somewhat vague. At this point, I've got a turkey and some wine. What's a Type B personality to do?

On the flip side, I sure don't want to sound like this "host". This was posted on one of my favorite websites Please read it for a good laugh. And if you have time, check out some of the "awkward family photos". They are priceless.

The Thanksgiving Letter

So Magnolia wants to know--how do you celebrate Thanksgiving? Are you Type A or Type B?


Olive said...

Here's a direct quote from a happy holiday email I received today!
" In November he met an older woman he began dating against everyone's advice while he spent all of his time on my driveway with a cell phone in his ear talking to his lawyer or fighting with his wife, all while I was paying him. As the months went on the situation deteriorated...By March I could no longer deal with his attitude nor his financial demands.... In April I discovered from his family that he his new lady friend had introduced him to the 'joys of cocaine & alcohol' which was causing his perpetual illnesses and my perpetual drain on my savings!"

T.M.I.- if you don't know what it means~ look it up.

Olive said...

Oops~ meant to answer your real question: I am types D and R~ Divorced and Re-married (not to be confused with DNR).

So since the kids are not with us during Thanksgiving we become...

Type M: thankful we are going to
Mexico to drink
Margaritas and
Mambo thus avoiding
Madness and finding
Merriment away from the
Mazel tov to the rest of you!