Wednesday, December 1, 2010

One Reason I Like Basketball Season

[By Legally Blonde] Basketball is generally my least favorite sport that the boys play. Quite frankly, the games stress me out. It's too frenetic for me and has too much to do with luck in the elementary school years. And I really can't stand the squeaky noise the shoes make on the gym floor. But there is one reason that I really like basketball season - no equipment.

This is the sign on the inside of our front door, which says “STOP – Are you PREPARED?” It means – Stop and think whether you have everything you need for what you are about to do. We need this sign because Walkoff is unfortunately fairly notorious for not remembering where he put things and for not having everything he needs when he heads out the door for an activity. I can give numerous examples. More than once this year he’s gone to school without the homework he completed the night before because it never made it into his back pack. We’ve headed out for baseball games without his baseball bag or to football without his pads and helmet.

But his forgetfulness hit a pinnacle one weekend this fall. It was hot and sunny on Sunday afternoon, and he needed to buy a bottle of water during Lash’s baseball game. He had to hurry because he was helping to coach first base. So he ran to the concession stand and came back in record time. As he jumped over the fence to get back to the game, I noticed his hands were empty – he had paid for his water, put the change in the tip jar, and then left the water on the counter. And to top it all off, I don’t think he realized it until I pointed it out! Too bad the sign can’t follow him around.

Which brings me back to why I like basketball season – no equipment, no special gear – just shorts, a jersey and shoes. In other words, much less to forget and a much greater probability of being prepared.

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