Monday, September 12, 2011

Top 3 Reasons I Am Dressing Like Mrs. Roper Lately

mrs roper [by Chick] While 2011 has been a fantabulous fairytale year, it’s also been a little decadent, and the waistline is definitely reflecting that. Mou mous are the garment of choice these days. But knowledge is power and I think I have identified the three most fattening things in my life these days:

1. Being a newlywed. It’s just so dadgum fun, who has time for exercise and restrained eating? We cook and grill out and I am dazzling my new husband with my culinary talents. (Those of you who know me well can stop laughing and/or choking about now.) You see, no matter what my oldest friends and mother think, my husband actually believes I am a great cook.

Plus, as Magnolia wisely told me, gaining weight the first year of marriage is simply a rite of passage and I should just enjoy it.

2. Having a middle schooler. Little Chick has started middle school and I am a nervous wreck. Make that a nervous snacking wreck. It’s actually going quite well, but let me just say there are very few television shows that are appropriate for 6th grade girls. Disney is too young. Bravo too racy. The only thing we can find to watch together these days is the Food Network. Lots and lots of the Food Network. I swear, I think I have gained weight just watching all that good food. (Some might suggest it’s actually all the time sedentary on the couch watching the Food Network, not some mysterious tele-transmitted calories --  but you never know…)

3. Writing a book. That’s right, I have written my first soon-to-be-released book with a real live publisher. I have literally been at the computer since February and let me tell you, writing a book is fattening. All this time in the computer chair, no regular meals during the day, snacking between lightbulb moments at the computer screen. It’s packed on the lbs! I do in fact look like Mrs. Roper. Which makes me want to waddle on down to the Regal Beagle and down a box of wine.

PADDLEFISH Book Cover But I am not getting down about the scales going up because I am so excited about the book. It’s called PADDLEFISH and it is my non-fiction account of training and racing in the 2010 Texas Water Safari, a 260-mile paddling race from central Texas to the Gulf Coast. As a complete paddling novice I trained for a year and completed this grueling race last summer. The book covers all the grit, hilarity and emotion of such an adventure from the point of view of this 40ish, longshot, homeroom mom.

I hope the Texans will enjoy the Texas history I weave in and out along the river race route. And really, what self-respecting Southerner doesn’t love a good river story?

Stay tuned for details about the release in October, but if you’d like to read a sneak peek chapter or learn a little more click here to this page on my Fly Fish Chick site.

more soon…xxoo


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