Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Roll out those Crazy, Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer...

Do remember the 1¢ record clubs of yesteryear? As a kid, I thought it was the deal of a lifetime and managed to get my hands on loads of music for a penny, including hits by The Muppets. While I was away at summer camp, my parents got calls and letters from a collection agency asking for full payment! Got into a bit of trouble upon homecoming...guess they weren't really charging a penny afterall. Lesson learned: read the fine print!
Well spring is here and it is time to refresh your "musical wallpaper", as DJ Lucy Wrubel puts it, and get ready to make some great summer memories complete with soundtrack. DJ Lucy launched her very own Mix-of-the-Month in January and let me tell you it is MUY fabulosa. Most of us don't make the time to refresh our playlists much less stay current on new music. Subscribe to Mix of the Month and take pleasure in drafting off of Lucy's super chic musical intel...you don't need to tell anyone how you became so instantly hip or why your house is now the funnest place to be.
Here are the details and learn from me:

$140 for the subscription, follow the link to iTunes,
preview and purchase the music from iTunes.
Get that? $140 to subscribe to her exclusive lists, then pay again for the music on iTunes.
This is not cheap...but oh honey, you will totally get what you are paying for!
Trust me~ you will look forward to it every month and your psyche will be refreshed not to having to listen to the same old stuff.
New music is good for your health. And did I mention her bonus lists? Check out her site.

Full disclosure~ I am related to Lucy! This is a shameless family promotion.

I hope you read that.

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