Monday, October 11, 2010

Of Course Her Address Is Magazine

amanda 02 Since the Professor and I are set to wed in December, we are having a ton of fun thinking through how we are going to update our two homes in Austin and Mobile. He has ideas on how to freshen up the exterior of my little Austin abode, and I am brainstorming interior touches to his house in Alabama.

On my way back from Mobile yesterday I grabbed two decorating magazines from the airport bookstore. There I was thumbing through the latest issue of House Beautiful when I spotted one of my friend Amanda’s paintings! Her work is modern and distinct so I was 100% certain it was hers. Sure enough, her pink circular painting was featured in a spread about a New Orleans home.

amanda 01

Amanda Talley is a very talented New Orleans artist with a hip studio on Magazine Street.

amanda 03

I shot her a quick text of congratulations on the House Beautiful piece only to thumb through facebook to learn she is also featured in this month’s issue of Lonny Magazine! Here are two of her paintings in this green room in Lonny:


Not one but two current magazine spots for this talented Magazine Street girl.

Not only is Amanda a talented artist, she can cook, make you laugh, and scavenges flea markets and estate sales like nobody’s business. Check out her blog THE BIG EASY LIFE about daily life in New Orleans…


Congrats Amanda!! xo~


amanda talley said...

THANK YOU for such a lovely post! I can't wait to see you soon!

Chick said...

you are MOST welcome! I loved seeing your pieces. can't wait to see YOU! xo

Meg said...