Thursday, October 14, 2010


[By Legally Blonde] My dad worked at SMU for his entire career, and we always attended the football games through the good times in the 80s and the lean times ever since. SMU has a revitalized football program this year under the leadership of Coach June Jones. And the Gerald J. Ford Stadium where home games are played is a brand new multi-million dollar facility where there’s virtually not a bad place to sit and every seat has a seatback. You can literally park about a block away from the stadium or get dropped off at the door. My parents live less than a mile away from the stadium. You can get from our house to your stadium seat in less than 15 minutes.

I live in Atlanta and we usually drive the hour and a half to Athens on home game Saturdays. This year we decided to go to the first road game of the year in Columbia, SC, about 3 and a half hours away. It was a noon time start so we headed out on Friday night after Lash’s baseball game, ate dinner at Zaxby’s and spent the night at a motel in Augusta. We woke up early Saturday morning, drove to Columbia, fought traffic, parked for $30 about a mile from the stadium, walked to the stadium and found our seats on the hot bleachers behind the tuba section of the Georgia band. It was 98 degrees and felt like 110 in the concrete stadium with no breeze. Georgia lost.

Driving home after the game, we called my parents to see if they were going to the SMU game that night. My mom’s response: “Oh no, it’s just gotten to be too much of a hassle.”

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Olive said...

Welcome back Blonde! Hilarious tale. OMG.