Wednesday, October 13, 2010

No-brainer Gifting

I have to keep this short because I am due in the carpool line.

What can you give your in-laws, even your ex-inlaws, friends and frenemies alike every holiday? Want to be beloved and adored by everyone?

Meet my friend Al Stewart at . He will turn last years holiday cards into re-giftable ornaments and other trophies. (I stole the idea from my sister!) I've sent him my business for four years now and he NEVER lets me down!

They are by no means "free" but the investment will more than pay for itself in the acclaim you receive. When I factor in the fact I likely missed their birthday, anniversary etc. it is easy for me to rationalize the once a year expense.

This summer a friend of mine sent me a reminder that she emailed her holiday card and did not MAIL it. She was worried that she might get left out of my ornament sending tradition! They are really fun for friends and their kids to pull out every year.

For even more fun, surprise your favorite friends with some vintage high school or college photos....nothing more fun than immortalizing bad hairdos and fashion for all perpetuity! Oh and I have some great ones from a X-mas party (that lasted to 4 am) I had a while back... no one realized "ye olde photoboothes" have gone digital! I have 652 photobooth gems to pepper into my mix for years to come!

So get your order in NOW and tell my pal Al that I sent ya! (Maybe he'll give me a kick back or a discount if you do...which would be a nice present for me.)


Al Stewart said...

Wow! What a beautiful endorsement. Thank you!

Yes! I will give you a special break - I will even give a special discount to all your readers.

Every order placed in October automatically gets a 10% discount, but if you enter "Chicken" in the discount voucher field at checkout YOU will receive an additional 5% off. Expires at midnight on Halloween! Boo!

Al Stewart

Olive said...

WOW! Al- I was kidding but I will indeed take you up on that discount! THANKS!!!

Al Stewart said...

You are very welcome.

Got a fun idea for your next Christmas party: Have me make photo cutouts of those ye old photobooth pictures and use them as table decorations. People will be going from table to table just to see all the pics - great conversation starters!

Then, at 4am you can give them to your "victims" to take home. They'll LOVE it!